Why Join EDCLUB?

For The Kids

Group of children

  • Increase their knowledge about the world, which will broaden their job prospects in the future.
  • Improve on their IT and English skills.
  • Learn about teamwork through co-operation with other members of their group.
  • Build a relationship with someone from a different culture.
  • Learn their legal rights and position as a citizen of the world.

For The Mentors

Mentor Skyping

  • Experience building relationships with children from an entirely different background to their own.
  • Develop their leadership skills - especially if they are responsible for setting up a new EDCLUB ‘hub’ in their own school or college.
  • Impress Universities and future employers by showing they can be responsible and compassionate.
  • Enables them to complete the Community Service portion of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

For The Schools & Colleges

Group of children Skyping

  • Provide a unique way for students to use their advantages to help others, based on the 'SOLE' method of encouragement rather than instruction. The personal links created allow the mentors to appreciate the impact their efforts have made.
  • With every school and college that introduces the EDCLUB idea, the scheme will expand and reach a wider group of participants at both ends. This will make an enormous difference to the lives of disadvantages children everywhere.
  • Many schools in the UK retain a 'Charitable Status.' EDCLUB Movement allows you to be part of a charitable activity and demonstrate that your effort benefits the public, whilst helping the disadvantaged.
  • Be part of a groundbreaking movement exploring the future shape of education.

Ask them a question, give them the world...