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We encourage disadvantaged children to learn using broadband.

Our mission is simple

To give disadvantaged kids access to computers and encourage them to learn using the Internet.

Our vision is great

Everyone should have access to the internet and the knowledge it can bring. We want to enable disadvantaged children to compete equally with their peers worldwide.

How it works

1. Become A Mentor

If you want to get involved, then look at what makes a great mentor and fill out our form. It’s as simple as that! Find out more about mentors.

2. Raise The Funds

Mentors raise approximately £300.00 towards the costs of a computer and internet access for the computer lab in Huruma.

3. Ask The Questions

Two or three times a week via Skype, our mentors set the kids challenging questions which encourage them to explore the Internet to find answers.


Why Join EDCLUB Movement?

Group of children

For The Kids

EDCLUB Movement gives disadvantaged kids the chance to access a better future through self-education and encouragement.


For The Mentors

As well as being a fantastic and enjoyable experience, this is an opportunity to show responsibility, compassion and reliability, while helping others in situations hugely different from your own.

Group of children Skyping

For The Schools & Colleges

This is a fun initiative that your students will enjoy. Help spread the EDCLUB model to increase the impact and really make a difference.


Kids Helped


Skype Calls




Advantaged Schools

About Us

A network of EDCLUB mentors shares experiences, develops ideas for expanding the movement, and raises funds. Led by a committee of Marlborough College students since 2013 EDCLUB Movement has expanded rapidly from its origins of one mentor Skyping four kids in a slum in Kenya. It now has links to both advantaged and disadvantaged kids in a range of countries (Kenya, UK, India, Netherlands, Malawi).

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The Technique

The concept behind the EDCLUB technique is radical. TED Talk Prize winner Prof. Sugata Mitra pioneered the idea that with almost all knowledge now accessible in some form on the internet, kids just need to be given the tools to discover it. The mentors’ role is to encourage and challenge the kids rather than to teach them.

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Ask them a question, give them the world...